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America Recycles Day

America Recycles Day

October 20, 2019

“America Recycles Day” is an ideal time to evaluate your recycling efforts and make incremental changes that can increase awareness of the importance of recycling get your residents excited.

Here’s our top tips for improving your community’s recycling efforts:

  1. Host an ultimate recycling event. Boost resident participation by hosting a communitywide event where residents can recycle electronics, batteries, clothes, etc. Help your residents develop recycling habits and understand how and what to recycle.
  2. Encourage residents to streamline their mail. One of the best ways to reduce waste is by not creating it. Encourage residents to unsubscribe from junk mail lists, catalogs, and mailers they are not interested in and switch to online billing and notifications for regular mail.
  3. Create a guide for residents outlining what items can be recycled. Create a small flyer that residents can put on their refrigerator with important details such as locations of recycling bins, what items are accepted, and how to prepare their items for recycling.
  4. Place recycling bins in high-traffic areas. Mail rooms, fitness centers and laundry rooms are known to generate waste products. Place recycling bins in these and other areas where you would typically place a trash can to provide residents every opportunity to recycle. Make sure each bin is properly labeled and emptied regularly.
  5. Provide residents with a small recycling bin to use in their home. Increase the likelihood that residents will recycle by providing a small bin that can be used and conveniently stored out of the way.

Read this blog post for additional information to help you create a recycling program for your multifamily community.