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Exceed Residents Expectations with Thoughtful Move In Gifts

Exceed Residents Expectations with Thoughtful Move In Gifts

May 12, 2019

A creative and thoughtful welcome gift is a great way to display that you care for your residents and want them to be comfortable in their new home. Start the relationship on the right foot by anticipating some of their early needs and providing real value. Here’s a few ideas:

Start with the essentials. A hand-written welcome note provides a warm and personal touch, and most important, its extremely cost effective. Also include a neighborhood guide of nearby coffee shops, grocery stores, restaurants and other points of interest. Bonus points if you can also provide some coupons.

Also add. After a long day of moving the last thing residents want to do is run to the store. So, include something they can immediately use, like household basics. These are our favorite options:

  1. A kitchen set complete with a sponge, dish soap and trash bag will help your resident get through the first few days of unpacking and organizing.
  2. A bath kit complete with soap, shampoo and body sponge is a necessity.
  3. A snack box with goodies is a welcome and comforting distraction from unpacking.
  4. Toilet paper…no explanation needed.
  5. And if you really want to be helpful, try a gift card to the local pizza shop. After all, everyone loves pizza?

Last and perhaps an unexpected option is custom swag…What better way to promote your community than to have your residents do it for you? Offer custom gifts like reusable shopping bags, water bottles or mugs with your community name and logo.

Perhaps most important is to remember that these early interactions set the tone for the level of service residents should expect from your community.


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