How To WOW Your Residents This Holiday Season

How To WOW Your Residents This Holiday Season

How To WOW Your Residents This Holiday Season

The holiday season is quickly approaching, and with it is another opportunity to appreciate your residents and remind them why they chose your community. Wow them with seasonal treats and shower them with praise, plus here are our top suggestions for planning the perfect holiday event for your residents.


Place a door hanger bag on each resident’s door with a greeting card and small trinkets inside. There are dozens of small gifts to choose from such as Bone Pet Waste Bag Dispensers or Bone-Shape Dog Tags for the pet owners in your community.

Deliver a “sweet” treat to your resident’s door just in time for the cold weather with a fun reusable mug and Starbucks Cocoa or one of our tasty bread mixes available in four delicious flavors for a cozy night in. We recommend banana or pumpkin bread mixes as a delicious seasonal option.

Your residents will also love our cozy wintertime Grip Slipper Socks for those cold winter nights. They fit easily into the door hanger bags and even make a thoughtful move-in gift for new residents.

As a kind, seasonal gesture offer a one-time pickup for empty boxes, packages, and wrapping paper. Give your residents a recycling trash can that can be used for their boxes and paper.


Here are some fun ideas to consider for your holiday events:

Resident cookie exchange. A cookie exchange creates an opportunity for residents to interact and show off their baking skills. First, you’ll need to send residents an invitation and collect RSVP’s; the number of participants will dictate how many cookies each attendee should bring. During the party, everyone can mingle and sample each other's treats while playing different games. At the end of the party, each attendee is given a small box to pack some of their favorite treats to take home.

Toy Drive/Adopt a Family. Partner with a trusted organization to participate in a toy drive or adopt a family and help provide a happy holiday for the less fortunate. Send a notice to residents including a short story and description of the cause and invite them to participate. Place a large sign in the leasing center so residents know where to leave their donations. At the completion of the drive send a recap telling residents how much they donated, how many families it will benefit, and how their time is appreciated.

Wreath making party. For crafty residents, have a holiday wreath-making party. Send invitations to your residents and collect RSVP’s, for participation. Designate a host for the party who will instruct residents on how to make wreaths. Provide all the materials and have them laid out on a table before everyone’s arrival. Serve light refreshments and play some ice breaker games to get guests interacting. After the party take a group photo with everyone and their wreath.

Door decorating contest. Encourage residents to let their creativity to get the best of them and host a door decorating contest. Offer prizes for the “most creative,” “best holiday theme,” or “best craftsmanship.” When its time to judge the participants, narrow it down to finalists, and allow residents to select the winners in each category. This is sure to increase participation, and everyone is sure to have a great time.

Breakfast with Santa. This is a fun activity for families in your community. Take the pressure off families standing in long lines to get a glimpse of Santa by hosting a catered breakfast and allowing each family the opportunity to mingle with Santa and get plenty of photos. You can also have family-friendly games and activities to provide a complete experience.

Don’t forget to show some appreciation to your staff. Leasing agents, maintenance, and other community staff are sure to appreciate the special recognition during the holiday season. You can host a catered lunch and provide stocking stuffer style gifts to your staff or have a secret-Santa gift exchange where the employees can treat each other.

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