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Is Your Community Resolution Ready?

Is Your Community Resolution Ready?

December 20, 2019

It’s a new year so you know what that means…your residents are making new year’s resolutions to kick those old habits. One study indicates that approximately 40% of Americans who make resolutions resolve to lose weight in the new year. With those numbers your fitness center will likely see an influx of foot traffic.

Support your resident’s healthy new habits and keep your community tidy at the same time. Here’s our top recommendations for getting your property RESOLUTION ready.

  1. A thoughtful and useful resident gift to kick off the new year is a custom reusable tote bag. Add your community name or logo and your residents can promote your community everywhere they go. Go a step further and add a personalized reusable sports bottle. This is a great gift combo since they serve a dual purpose; they’re great for heading to the gym or fitness center but also encourage residents to decrease their consumption of single-use plastics. This tote is great ideal for carrying groceries, lunch or your gym clothes.
  2. The new year also coincides with cold and flu season, so prevent the spread of germs by stocking your fitness center with a wipe dispenser and antibacterial wipes along with a sign as a reminder to clean the equipment after use.
  3. Finally, consider your overall recycling plan. Many people are open to trying new things at the start of the year, so encourage your residents to become more active recyclers by providing a 7-gallon recycling can for each apartment.