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Keep Residents Safe & Informed with NEW Signs & Door Hangers

Keep Residents Safe & Informed with NEW Signs & Door Hangers

June 7, 2020

During the phased reopening of your community, the safety of your residents and staff will be at the forefront of your planning. You will need to utilize all the tools at your disposal for a truly successful reopening.

Start by using door hangers to remind residents of the various symptoms of COVID-19. The “COVID-19 Symptoms” door hanger clearly illustrates the most common symptoms of the virus and when they appear in the body. This serves as a great reminder for residents as we navigate our “new normal” to pay close attention to our health. Another great option is the “Steps to Prevent COVID-19…” door hanger. It outlines specific steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Use the “Keep Everyone Safe” bandit sign in front of each building on your property to enforce face covering regulations as residents are coming and going.If your community has a dog park, also consider the “COVID-19 Regulations” bandit sign inside and in the areas around your dog parks. Make sure residents remember to maintain a safe social distance while playing with their pets and socializing with other pet parents.