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Plan Your Dog Park This Spring

Plan Your Dog Park This Spring

February 4, 2020

Dog parks are among the top amenities that provide added convenience to your residents’ lives. They provide a safe environment where residents and their beloved pets can relax and socialize.They also make your community more attractive to potential renters.

Create an inviting environment that’s attractive to residents and makes them want to stay put. Reduce turnover by adding pet-friendly features and amenities that will impress your residents and make it difficult for them to consider other communities.

Answer these questions before adding a dog park to your community:

  1. Where will it be located? Select an area on your property away from normal foot traffic, and if possible, try not to disturb green space already in use for other purposes. Also, it is recommended to have separate areas for large and small dogs, so keep that in mind when deciding how much space to allocate.
  2. What amenities will be inside of your dog park? Consider your budget and the type of dog park that will best suit your community now and for future use. At a minimum, install basic amenities for your guests such as pet waste stations, a water fountain, and park bench/es. You can build out an amazing park as time progresses equipped with endurance equipment and activities dogs will love. If budget is a concern, purchase our all-in-one Dog Park Kit for maximum cost savings.
  3. How will you maintain the new dog park? There are several factors to consider including equipment repairs, waste disposal and landscaping to name a few. Consider whether someone on staff will maintain your new dog park, or if you will outsource the responsibility. Read our full blog post for tips on maintaining your dog park.