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Prepare for the Spring Leasing Season in 5 Easy Steps

Prepare for the Spring Leasing Season in 5 Easy Steps

April 3, 2020

Leasing season is here in full force, so take advantage of the extra foot traffic and wow your prospects with great customer service and a beautiful property. Follow these five steps to quickly convert your prospects to residents:

  1. CURB APPEAL. The first thing prospects will see as they drive by is your landscaping and exterior marketing, so make it an experience worth their while. Update your flags, balloons, banners and signs using bright seasonal colors. We recommend an all-in-one marketing kit as a time and cost saving way to have matching vinyl balloons, bandit signs and flags. We recommend displaying these near the street or entrance to your community for maximum exposure.
  2. LEASING OFFICE. Is your leasing center ready to receive prospects? Give your leasing center a dose of love this spring and make sure you’re ready for an influx of new prospects. First things first, display your fairhousing signs prominently; we suggest bilingual signs in English and Spanish to accommodate your prospects. Also, stock up on forms, folders and permits. Keep a large supply of move in-move out conditioning forms on hand to avoid resident disputes and protect your property against damage; this form is also available in English and Spanish. And don’t forget your parking permits and bike permits to accurately keep track of what vehicles should and should not be on property.
  3. INSPECT AND UPGRADE YOUR POOL AREA. Prepare for annual inspections by updating the necessary pool signage and stock up on pool passes. Clean and dust the patio furniture and prune any nearby foliage so your pool looks vacation worthy. For bonus points add some outdoor planters and a few grills for cooking out to elevate the area.
  4. RESIDENTS WITH PETS. Pet ownership is on the rise and is not projected to decline anytime soon, so look at your pet policies and amenities to make sure they are competitive. During the move-in process offer your new resident a pet pack gift set to make them and their furry friends feel welcome. It comes with a tennis ball, wipes and a leash dispenser and is great for a day at the park. Also make sure you have ample pet waste stations and that they’re stocked full of bags. Not only is it a great convenience to your residents, but it will help increase compliance with pet waste ordinances. If you have or are considering creating a dog park, be certain to read our series on best practices for creating and maintaining a dog park.
  5. FUN MOVE IN GIFTS. Who doesn’t love a gift? Delight your residents on move-in day with things they can actually use like a welcome mat for their entrance and popcorn and treats gift bag which is perfect for a movie night or a quick snack while unpacking.