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Resident Retention Tips

Resident Retention Tips

September 17, 2019

Great customer service and attention to detail will carry you a long way in retaining desirable residents. Here are our top tips to help you reduce vacancies and keep your occupancy rates high.

  1. Be responsive. Respond to resident questions and queries IMMEDIATELY. Today’s residents expect an immediate response, or it may be deemed as poor customer service. If you are unable to provide an immediate resolution for your residents, simply respond to them acknowledging that you received their question or complaint and specify a time that you will be in touch.
  2. Property maintenance. Keep the lawns and common areas manicured, keep amenities in working order, and when you are notified that something needs repair or attention, address the issue as soon as possible. When your property is well maintained, residents are less likely to feel like they are missing out on something.
  3. Provide some low-cost, high impact amenities. What can you provide your residents to make them feel appreciated while adding some convenience to their lives? It can be a smart locking system, virtual home assistant, or a designated pick up for ride-sharing services. Here are some additional ideas for low-cost amenities.
  4. Provide coffee and doughnuts. Providing coffee and pastries or other continental breakfast options is a nice touch that shows thoughtfulness and a willingness to go the extra mile. It is a small gesture but will not go unnoticed. It can even be an opportunity for residents to mingle.
  5. Resident events. Host resident events to create a strong sense of community and facilitate an opportunity for residents to meet and get to know one another.