Bundle Deals

Bundle Deals
Need pet waste bags and stations at your property? Property Managers love our Bundle Deals! Get huge bundle savings for your apartment community on our best-selling stations and bags. Guaranteed in stock and ships today for free!
  1. Our best-selling stations + you choose YOUR bag!
    Best in Show Bundle Sale
    3 Deluxe Stations + 12K Bags
    As low as $1,899.00 each
  2. Buy in Bulk and Save!
    Top Dog Bundle Sale
    3 Stations + 6,000 Bags!
    As low as $1,199.00 each
  3. Saves You Time and Money!
    Value Bundle Sale
    Plastic Station + 2,000 bags!
    As low as $599.00 each
  4. Dog Park Kit-Deluxe Dog with Bone
    Dog Park Kits - Premium
    Available in 3 Designs!
    As low as $829.00 each
  5. Build Your Own Dog Park in One Step!
    Dog Park Kits - Budget
    Available in 2 Designs!
    As low as $649.00 each
  6. Bundle and SAVE - 4 Plastic Stations PLUS 10,000 bags!
    Gone to the Dogs Bundle Sale
    4 Stations + 10,000 Bags!
    Only $1,649.00 each
  7. Add to a fenced off area and have an instant dog park!
    Die-Cut Dog Park Kit - House
    Easy set up!
    Only $799.00 each
  8. Increase resident participation in waste disposal
    Dog Park Starter Kit - Metal
    Great for small dog parks!
    As low as $999.00 each
  9. Increase resident participation in waste disposal
    Dog Park Starter Kit
    Quick and easy set up!
    Only $799.00 each
  10. Great Value with Less Hassle!
    Superior Bundle Sale
    Deluxe Station + 2,400 Bags!
    Only $699.00 each
  11. Everything you need to set up your dog park!
    Die-Cut Dog Park Kit - Bone
    #1 station, signs + bags!
    Only $799.00 each
  12. Dog House - No Fine
    Die-Cut Bundle Sale
    Die-Cut Station + 2K Bags!
    As low as $599.00 each
  13. Kit includes 400 pool passes and five signs
    Pool Starter Kits - Deluxe
    400 Wristbands, 5 Signs!
    As low as $349.00 each
  14. Maintain control in pool and recreation areas!
    Pool Starter Kit - Value - Water Design
    Pool season must haves!
    As low as $329.00 each
  15. Save big with pool pass bundles!
    Pool Pass Kit - Resident and Visitor Bundle
    2 Pass Money-Saving Bundle!
    Only $299.00 each
  16. Includes box, sign, envelopes and more!
    Rent Drop Box Kits
    Save BIG with the kit!
    As low as $243.00 each
  17. Beige
    Outdoor Rent Drop Box Kit
    Mount to the wall or a post
    As low as $255.00 each
  18. Indoor Rent Drop Box Kit
    Indoor Rent Drop Box Kits
    Mounts to any wall surface!
    As low as $178.00 each
  19. Large Rent Drop Box Kit
    Large Rent Drop Box Kit
    Save over $150 with the Kit!
    As low as $345.00 each
  20. Deluxe Welcome Center
    Deluxe Welcome Center
    Your 24/7 Leasing Agent!
  21. Save BIG when you buy sign and pole together!
    Stop Sign Kit
    Control traffic!
    Only $131.00 each