Pool Warning Signs

Pool Warning Signs
Pool Warning signs are a requirement for every apartment community. Accord... Read Moreing to state and local laws, each multi-family property must have a designated list of pool safety signs including lifeguard signs. Water safety sign requirements can vary so please make sure you have the appropriate signage whether it's the best-selling Warning No Lifeguard on Duty Sign or simply just a No Diving Sign. Pass inspection every time with the correct pool signs and warnings listed. All aluminum outdoor pool signage comes with a 5-year guarantee! Tons of in-stock signs to choose from - buy now!
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  1. Pool Signs - "Warning No Lifeguard on Duty"
    Available in 6 Color Combos!
  2. Pool Signs - "No Diving"
    Available in 6 Color Combos!
  3. Pool Sign - "No Lifeguard" - Spanish/English
    Bilingual No Lifeguard Sign
  4. Pool Signs - "Warning No Lifeguard" - Texas
    5 Color Combos for Texas!
  5. Pool Sign - International "No Diving"
    International Diving Sign!
  6. Pool Sign - "No Lifeguard" - California
    California's No Lifeguard Sign
  7. Pool Sign - "Warning No Diving Allowed"
    Pool Sign - "Warning No Diving Allowed"
    Required by 14 different states!
  8. Pool Sign - "No Diving Allowed" - Spanish
    Pool Sign - "No Diving Allowed" - Spanish
    Required by 14 different states!
  9. Pool Sign - "No Lifeguard" - Rhode Island
    Rhode Island's No Lifeguard Sign
  10. Pool Sign - "No Lifeguard" - Nebraska
    Nebraska's No Lifeguard Sign
  11. Pool Sign - "No Lifeguard" - South Carolina
    South Carolina's No Lifeguard Sign
  12. Pool Sign - "No Lifeguard" - Georgia
    Georgia's No Lifeguard Sign
  13. Pool Sign - "No Lifeguard" - Utah
    Utah's No Lifeguard Sign
  14. Pool Sign - "No Lifeguard" - Oklahoma
    Oklahoma's No Lifeguard Sign
  15. Pool Sign - "No Lifeguard" - North Carolina
    North Carolina's No Lifeguard Sign
  16. Pool Sign - "No Lifeguard" - Missouri and South Dakota
    Missouri and South Dakota's No Lifeguard Sign
  17. Pool Sign - "No Lifeguard" - Kentucky
    Kentucky's No Lifeguard Sign
  18. Pool Sign - "No Lifeguard" - Indiana
    Indiana's No Lifeguard Sign
  19. Pool Sign - "No Lifeguard" - Oregon
    Oregon's No Lifeguard Sign
  20. Pool Sign - "No Lifeguard" - Nevada
    Nevada's No Lifeguard Sign
  21. Pool Sign - "No Lifeguard" - New Mexico
    New Mexico's No Lifeguard Sign
  22. Pool Sign - "No Lifeguard" - Montana
    Montana's No Lifeguard Sign
  23. Pool Sign - "No Lifeguard" - Minnesota
    Minnesota's No Lifeguard Sign
  24. Pool Sign - "No Lifeguard" - Maryland
    Maryland's No Lifeguard Sign
  25. Pool Sign - "No Lifeguard" - Massachusetts and New York
    Massachusetts and New York's No Lifeguard Sign
  26. Pool Sign - "No Lifeguard" - Wyoming
    Wyoming's No Lifeguard Sign
  27. Pool Sign - "No Lifeguard" - Illinois
    Illinois's No Lifeguard Sign
  28. Pool Sign - "No Lifeguard" - Idaho
    Idaho's No Lifeguard Sign
  29. Pool Sign - "No Lifeguard" - Iowa and Washington
    Iowa and Washington's No Lifeguard Sign
  30. Pool Signs - "Swim At Your Own Risk"
    Available in 4 Color Combos!
  31. Pool Signs - "Warning No Lifeguard on Duty"
    Available in 4 Color Combos!
  32. Pool Signs - "Warning No Swimming or Diving"
    Available in 3 Colors!
  33. Pool Signs - "Infectious or Communicable Disease"
    Protect your residents!
  34. Pool Sign - "Caution No Diving"
    Promote water safety!
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Frequently Asked Questions

On the “Warning No Lifeguard on Duty” Sign, how do I fill in the blank?

Answer: Our No Lifeguard signs can be filled in with the 1” Vinyl Numbers, or if you would like, you can personalize it with our No Lifeguard Custom Aluminum Signs on our online customization portal.

Why is a No Diving Sign recommended for every apartment pool?

Answer: In the US, drowning ranks 4th among all accidental causes of death. According to studies, 8 out of 10 diving accidents happened in pools without any warning signs. Protect your residents and your apartment community’s liability from possible lawsuits with required pool warning signage.