ADA Braille Signs

ADA Braille Signs
Invest in your community's public safety and grab your ADA-compliant Brail... Read Morele Signs. Signs, such as ADA restroom signs, men's restroom, and, women's restroom all have the power to be a testament to your commitment to accessibility and inclusivity. These stylish interior signs help residents, guests, and visitors, easily navigate your community confidently and independently, while adding decor throughout all your community public spaces. Meet regulatory standards and enhance the overall experience by meeting the needs of all who stop by!
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  1. ADA Braille Sign - Men's Restroom
    NEW Stay ADA Compliant!
  2. ADA Braille Sign - Women's Restroom
    NEW Installs in minutes!
  3. ADA Braille Sign - Unisex Restroom
    NEW 2 color options!
  4. ADA Braille Sign - Men's Handicapped Restroom
    NEW Better direct visitors!
  5. ADA Braille Sign - Women's Handicapped Restroom
    NEW Interior wayfinding signs!
  6. ADA Braille Sign - Men's ADA Mobile
    ADA Braille Sign - Men's ADA Mobile
    Identify the Men's Restrooms
  7. ADA Braille Sign - Women's ADA Mobile
    ADA Braille Sign - Women's ADA Mobile
    Identify Women's Restrooms!
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ADA sign installation height requirement for restroom signs?

Answer: ADA sign height must be between 48 and 60 inches measured from the floor to the bottom of the lowest raised lettering on an ADA sign.

How to tell if a sign is ADA-compliant?

Answer: Braille dots, visual characters, tactile characters, and or pictograms are usally the make up of the signs design.

Why install ADA signs on my property?

Answer: The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations require facilities to be accessible to individuals with disabilities.

What are the benefits of having tactile characters on an ADA braille sign?

Answer: Accessible signage promotes safety and independence for the visually impaired.