Pool Signs

Pool Signs
Did you know each state requires certain swimming pool signs to be display... Read Moreed at your apartment community to be in accordance of the law? Protect your property and residents with apartment pool signs. From Pool Rules Signs to Swimming Pool Safety Signs to Pool Warning Signs and Custom Swimming Pool Signs, we have what you need to pass inspection the first time. All aluminum outdoor pool signs come with a 5-year guarantee! Get the signs you need now!
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  1. Pool Signs - "Warning No Lifeguard on Duty"
    Available in 6 Color Combos!
  2. Pool Signs - "No Diving"
    Available in 6 Color Combos!
  3. Pool Sign - "Pool Rules" - Florida
    Florida's Pool Rules
  4. Pool Signs - "Pool Rules"
    Available in 6 Color Combos!
  5. Pool Signs - "Pool Pass Required"
    Available in 6 Color Combos!
  6. Pool Signs - "No Pets Allowed in Pool Area"
    Available in 5 Color Combos!
  7. Pool Signs - "Pool Closed"
    Available in 5 Color Combos!
  8. Pool Sign - "Pool Rules" - Texas
    Pool Sign - "Pool Rules" - Texas
    Texas's Pool Rules
  9. Pool Sign - "Pool Rules" - Standard
    Standard Pool Rules
  10. Pool Sign - "In Case of Emergency Dial 911"
    An important Safety Reminder!
  11. Pool Sign - "No Lifeguard" - Spanish/English
    Bilingual No Lifeguard Sign
  12. Pool Signs - "Keep Gate Closed"
    Available in 7 Color Combos!
  13. Pool Sign - International "No Diving"
    International Diving Sign!
  14. Pool Signs - "Warning No Lifeguard" - Texas
    5 Color Combos for Texas!
  15. Pool Signs - "Pool Rules" Large Size
    Available in 5 Color Combos!
  16. Pool Signs - "Diarrhea Pool Rules"
    Required for both Texas and California!
  17. Pool Signs - "Emergency Phone"
    Keep Residents safe!
  18. Custom Aluminum Signs - No Lifeguard
    YOUR Design and Message!
  19. Pool Signs - "Pool Capacity"
    Available in 4 Color Combos!
  20. Custom Aluminum Signs - Pool Rules Signs
    YOUR Design and Message!
  21. Pool Sign - "No Running"
    Pool Sign - "No Running"
    Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents!
  22. Pool Sign Starter Kit
    Pool Sign Starter Kit
    Top 3 selling signs - save 20%!
  23. Pool Sign - "Location of Phone"
    A pool must-have!
  24. Pool Sign - "Spa Capacity" - Texas
    Occupancy signs help prevent accidents
  25. Pool Sign - "Spa Shut Off" - Texas
    Safety first!
  26. Pool Sign - "No Pets" Spanish/English - Texas
    Use this bilingual pet sign to post your pet rules.
  27. Pool Sign - "Dial 911" - Texas
    Pool Sign - "Dial 911" - Texas
    Texas Required Pool Sign
  28. Pool Sign - "6 Ft. Diaper Changing"
    Ships in 5 days!
  29. Pool Pass Kit - Resident and Visitor Bundle
    2 Pass Money-Saving Bundle!
  30. Pool Starter Kits - Budget
    100 Wristbands, 5 Signs!
  31. Pool Sign - "Pool Closed for Season"
    Inform Residents when pool is open
  32. Pool Sign - "No Breath Holding"
    A pool must-have!
  33. Pool Sign - "No Diaper Changing"
    A pool must-have!
  34. Pool Sign - "Swim Diapers are Required"
    A pool must-have!
  35. Pool Sign - "Do Not Move Pool Furniture"
    COVID-19 must-have!
  36. Full Custom - Pool Rules Signs
    Your Rules, Your Way!
  37. Pool Sign - "Do Not Drink" - California
    Required by California!
  38. Pool Sign - "No Swimming After Dark"
    Required by California and Nevada!
  39. Pool Sign - "Lifesaving Equipment"
    Safety first!
  40. Pool Sign - "Swimming Pool Hours"
    Tell everyone the hours!
  41. Pool Sign - "Pool Hours and Occupancy"
    Display all required information!
  42. Pool Sign - "Warning Shallow Water"
    Keep everyone safe!
  43. Pool Sign - "Emergency Pool Shut Off"
    A pool must-have!
  44. Pool Sign - "Emergency Numbers"
    Stay safe and compliant!
  45. Pool Sign - "No Diving" - Idaho
    Required by Idaho!
  46. Pool Sign - "Spa Alarm" - Florida
    Required by Florida!
  47. Pool Sign - "Shower Before Entering Pool"
    Valid for many states!
  48. Pool Sign - "Pool Capacity" - Colorado
    Required by Colorado!
  49. Pool Sign - "Hours of Operation" - Delaware
    Required by Delaware!
  50. Pool Sign - "Main Drains" - Montana
    Required by Montana!
  51. Pool Sign - "Drains" - Mississippi
    Required by Mississippi!
  52. Pool Sign - "Spa Capacity" - Illinois
    Required by Illinois!
  53. Pool Sign - Pool Chemical Storage
    Don't get fined!
  54. Pool Sign - Chlorine Hazard Area - New Jersey
    Required by New Jersey!
  55. Pool Sign - Chlorine Danger
    A must-have!
  56. Pool Sign - Gaseous Oxidizer
  57. Pool Sign - Hazardous Pool Chemicals
    Keep everyone safe!
  58. Pool Sign - Chlorine Instructions
    Stay compliant
  59. Pool Sign - "No Lifeguard" - Rhode Island
    Rhode Island's No Lifeguard Sign
  60. Pool Sign - "No Lifeguard" - Nebraska
    Nebraska's No Lifeguard Sign
  61. Pool Sign - "No Lifeguard" - South Carolina
    South Carolina's No Lifeguard Sign
  62. Pool Sign - "No Lifeguard" - Georgia
    Georgia's No Lifeguard Sign
  63. Pool Sign - "No Lifeguard" - Utah
    Utah's No Lifeguard Sign
  64. Pool Sign - "No Lifeguard" - Oklahoma
    Oklahoma's No Lifeguard Sign
  65. Pool Sign - "No Lifeguard" - North Carolina
    North Carolina's No Lifeguard Sign
  66. Pool Sign - "No Lifeguard" - Missouri and South Dakota
    Missouri and South Dakota's No Lifeguard Sign
  67. Pool Sign - "No Lifeguard" - Kentucky
    Kentucky's No Lifeguard Sign
  68. Pool Sign - "No Lifeguard" - Indiana
    Indiana's No Lifeguard Sign
  69. Pool Sign - "No Lifeguard" - Oregon
    Oregon's No Lifeguard Sign
  70. Pool Sign - "No Lifeguard" - Nevada
    Nevada's No Lifeguard Sign
  71. Pool Sign - "No Lifeguard" - New Mexico
    New Mexico's No Lifeguard Sign
  72. Pool Sign - "No Lifeguard" - Montana
    Montana's No Lifeguard Sign
  73. Pool Sign - "No Lifeguard" - Minnesota
    Minnesota's No Lifeguard Sign
  74. Pool Sign - "No Lifeguard" - Maryland
    Maryland's No Lifeguard Sign
  75. Pool Sign - "No Lifeguard" - Massachusetts and New York
    Massachusetts and New York's No Lifeguard Sign
  76. Pool Sign - "No Lifeguard" - Wyoming
    Wyoming's No Lifeguard Sign
  77. Pool Sign - "No Lifeguard" - Illinois
    Illinois's No Lifeguard Sign
  78. Pool Sign - "No Lifeguard" - Idaho
    Idaho's No Lifeguard Sign
  79. Pool Sign - "No Lifeguard" - Iowa and Washington
    Iowa and Washington's No Lifeguard Sign
  80. Pool Sign - "No Lifeguard" - California
    California's No Lifeguard Sign
  81. Pool Sign - "Pool Rules" - Indiana
    Indiana's Pool Rules
  82. Pool Sign - "Pool Risks" - Georgia
    Georgia's Pool Risks
  83. Pool Sign - "Notice/Pool Rules" - Wisconsin
    Wisconsin's Pool Rules
  84. Pool Sign - "Pool Rules" - South Carolina
    South Carolina's Pool Rules
  85. Pool Sign - "Pool Regulations" - Nebraska
    Nebraska's Pool Rules
  86. Pool Sign - "Pool Rules" - Spanish
    Spanish Pool Rules
  87. Pool Sign - "Pool Rules" - Wyoming
    Wyoming's Pool Rules
  88. Pool Sign - "Pool Rules" - Washington
    Washington's Pool Rules
  89. Pool Sign - "Pool Rules" - Utah
    Utah's Pool Rules
  90. Pool Sign - "Pool Rules" - Rhode Island
    Rhode Island's Pool Rules
  91. Pool Sign - "Pool Rules" - Oregon
    Oregon's Pool Rules
  92. Pool Sign - "Pool Rules" - Oklahoma
    Oklahoma's Pool Rules
  93. Pool Sign - "Pool Rules" - Ohio
    Ohio's Pool Rules
  94. Pool Sign - "Pool Rules" - New York
    New York's Pool Rules
  95. Pool Sign - "Pool Rules" - New Jersey
    New Jersey's Pool Rules
  96. Pool Sign - "Pool Rules" - New Hampshire
    New Hampshire's Pool Rules
  97. Pool Sign - "Pool Rules" - North Carolina
    North Carolina's Pool Rules
  98. Pool Sign - "Pool Rules" - Montana
    Montana's Pool Rules
  99. Pool Sign - "Pool Rules" - Minnesota
    Minnesota's Pool Rules
  100. Pool Sign - "Pool Rules" - Michigan
    Michigan's Pool Rules
  101. Pool Sign - "Pool Rules" - Maine
    Maine's Pool Rules
  102. Pool Sign - "Pool Rules" - Massachusetts and West Virginia
    Massachusetts and West Virginia's Pool Rules
  103. Pool Sign - "Pool Rules" - Kentucky
    Kentucky's Pool Rules
  104. Pool Sign - "Pool Rules" - Illinois
    Illinois's Pool Rules
  105. Pool Sign - "Pool Rules" - Idaho and Iowa
    Idaho and Iowa's Pool Rules
  106. Pool Sign - "Pool Rules" - Hawaii
    Hawaii's Pool Rules
  107. Pool Sign - "Pool Rules" - Washington D.C.
    Washington D.C.'s Pool Rules
  108. Pool Sign - "Pool Rules" - Connecticut
    Connecticut's Pool Rules
  109. Pool Sign - "Pool Rules" - Colorado
    Colorado's Pool Rules
  110. Pool Sign - "Pool Rules" - California
    California's Pool Rules
  111. Pool Sign - "Pool Rules" - Arizona
    Arizona's Pool Rules
  112. Pool Sign - "Pool Rules" - Alaska
    Alaska's Pool Rules
  113. Custom Aluminum Signs - Pool Capacity Signs
    YOUR Design and Message!
  114. Pool Signs - "Pool Open"
    Available in 5 Color Combos!
  115. Pool Starter Kit - Value - Water Design
    Pool season must haves!
  116. Pool Starter Kits - Deluxe
    400 Wristbands, 5 Signs!
  117. Pool Signs - "Children Must Have Adult Supervision"
    Available in 2 Color Combos!
  118. Pool Signs - "No Lifeguard on Duty"
    Available in 4 Color Combos!
  119. Pool Signs - "Pool Rules"
    Available in 4 Colors!
  120. Pool Signs - "Pool Guests Must Be Accompanied"
    Available in 5 Color Combos!
  121. Pool Signs - "Rescue Device Is Not A Toy"
    Available in 3 Color Combos!
  122. Pool Signs - "Attention Please Dry Off"
    Reinforce your Pool Rules!
  123. Pool Signs - "Swim At Your Own Risk"
    Available in 4 Color Combos!
  124. Pool Signs - "No Tampering With Safety Equipment"
    Available in 4 Color Combos!
  125. Pool Signs - "Swimming Pool Hours"
    Available in 3 Color Combos!
  126. Pool Sign - "No Glass Allowed"
    Available in 5 Color Combos!
  127. Pool Sign - "Pool for Residents Only"
    Available in 5 Color Combos!
  128. Pool Signs - "Warning No Lifeguard on Duty"
    Available in 4 Color Combos!
  129. Pool Signs - "No Lifeguard on Duty"
    Available in 4 Color Combos!
  130. Pool Signs - "Save a Life"
    Available in 4 Color Combos!
  131. Pool Signs - "Pool Pass Required"
    Available in 5 Colors!
  132. Pool Signs - "Please Shower Before Entering Pool"
    Available in 3 Color Combos!
  133. Pool Signs - "Pool Area Closed"
    Available in 3 Color Combos!
  134. Pool Signs - "Spa Rules"
    Available in 4 Color Combos!
  135. Pool Signs - "Artificial Respiration"
    Available in 4 Color Combos!
  136. Pool Signs - "Pool Closed for Maintenance"
    Available in 5 Color Combos!
  137. Pool Signs - "Pool Rules" Spanish
    Available in 3 Color Combos!
  138. Pool Signs - "Warning No Swimming or Diving"
    Available in 3 Colors!
  139. Pool Signs - "Infectious or Communicable Disease"
    Protect your residents!
  140. Pool Signs - "No Alcoholic Beverages"
    Available in 4 Color Combos!
  141. Private Property Sign - "Pool is for Residents"
    Get tough on non-residents!
  142. Pool Sign - "Slippery When Wet"
    Promote safety at your Pool!
  143. Pool Sign - "A First Aid Kit Is Available"
    Promote safety at your Pool!
  144. No Smoking Sign - "No Smoking in the Pool Area"
    Remind your residents!
  145. Pool Sign - "Pool Rules"
    Promote water safety!
  146. Pool Sign - "Caution No Diving"
    Promote water safety!
  147. Pool Sign - "Emergency 911"
    Important Safety Reminders!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do apartment communities need pool signs?

Answer:  As property managers know, there is required pool signs and rules to be displayed according to the law. When inspection comes by, make having the necessary pool signage already checked off the list. Displaying the proper pool safety signs are essential for your residents’ safety and to protect your apartment community’s liability. No resident or their guest, for instance, should be able to claim that they were unaware of the rules in case something happens.

What are the top 4 Pool Signs every apartment community should have?

Answer: While requirements can differ from state to state and city to city, most multi-family residences are required to have a “Warning No Lifeguard on Duty” Sign, a “No Diving” Sign, a “Pool Closed” Sign, and a “Pool Rules” Sign. We have these pool signs and more in stock and ready to ship!

Do all your aluminum pool signs come with a 5-year warranty?

Answer: Great news, all pool signs come with a 5-year guarantee – no exceptions. We guarantee our aluminum signs for the pool won’t rust or peel, or we will replace it for FREE!

Are all outdoor pool signs pre-drilled with holes?

Answer: Yes! All swimming pool signs including customized pool signs are pre-drilled with holes for easy mounting at your apartment community.