Fire Safety

Is Your Property Ready in Case of A Fire?



Fire Lane Tips for Apartment Communities:

  • Fire Trucks need 20' of street or driveway clearance to enter your property, with an overhead clearance of 14'.
  • Fire lanes must be clearly marked and stenciled
  • Fire lane signs must be posted.
  • Buildings must be marked with building and unit numbers at both ends.
  • Post signs letting the Fire Department know if fire hydrants are on the property.
  • Check windows with burglar bars to make sure they will open from the inside without a key or special tool.
  • Make sure your dumpster areas are free of debris that might cause fires.  Dumpsters should also be 10' away from buildings and overhangs.
  • Keep residents from barbecuing too close to the building (10' minimum distance) by providing grills.
  • Check to make sure smoke detectors and fire extinguishers are operating properly.  If you don't allow smoking at your property, post No Smoking signage throughout.
  • Inspect fire alarm system regularly.
  • Get buildings inspected regularly so no wires are hanging or exposed.  Building should be properly wired and have no structural defects.
  • Check pool light to make sure it is grounded properly.
  • Check with your local fire department to make sure you are in compliance with local ordinances.