Bundle Deals

Bundle Deals
Need pet waste bags and stations at your property? Property Managers love ... Read Moreour Bundle Deals! Get huge bundle savings for your apartment community on our best-selling stations and bags. Guaranteed in stock and ships today for free!
  1. Our best-selling stations + you choose YOUR bag!
    Best in Show Bundle Sale
    3 Deluxe Stations + 12K Bags
    As low as $1,899.00 each
  2. Buy in Bulk and Save!
    Top Dog Bundle Sale
    3 Stations + 6,000 Bags!
    As low as $1,199.00 each
  3. Saves You Time and Money!
    Value Bundle Sale
    Plastic Station + 2,000 bags!
    As low as $599.00 each
  4. Dog Park Kit-Deluxe Dog with Bone
    Dog Park Kits - Premium
    Available in 3 Designs!
    As low as $829.00 each
  5. Build Your Own Dog Park in One Step!
    Dog Park Kits - Budget
    Available in 2 Designs!
    As low as $649.00 each
  6. Bundle and SAVE - 4 Plastic Stations PLUS 10,000 bags!
    Gone to the Dogs Bundle Sale
    4 Stations + 10,000 Bags!
    Only $1,649.00 each
  7. Add to a fenced off area and have an instant dog park!
    Die-Cut Dog Park Kit - House
    Easy set up!
    Only $799.00 each
  8. Increase resident participation in waste disposal
    Dog Park Starter Kit - Metal
    Great for small dog parks!
    As low as $999.00 each
  9. Increase resident participation in waste disposal
    Dog Park Starter Kit
    Quick and easy set up!
    Only $799.00 each
  10. Great Value with Less Hassle!
    Superior Bundle Sale
    Deluxe Station + 2,400 Bags!
    Only $699.00 each
  11. Everything you need to set up your dog park!
    Die-Cut Dog Park Kit - Bone
    #1 station, signs + bags!
    Only $799.00 each
  12. Dog House - No Fine
    Die-Cut Bundle Sale
    Die-Cut Station + 2K Bags!
    As low as $599.00 each
  13. Kit includes 400 pool passes and five signs
    Pool Starter Kits - Deluxe
    400 Wristbands, 5 Signs!
    As low as $399.00 each
  14. Maintain control in pool and recreation areas!
    Pool Starter Kit - Value - Water Design
    Pool season must haves!
    As low as $369.00 each
  15. Save big with pool pass bundles!
    Pool Pass Kit - Resident and Visitor Bundle
    2 Pass Money-Saving Bundle!
    Only $299.00 each
  16. Includes box, sign, envelopes and more!
    Rent Drop Box Kits
    Save BIG with the kit!
    As low as $243.00 each
  17. Beige
    Outdoor Rent Drop Box Kit
    Mount to the wall or a post
    As low as $255.00 each
  18. Indoor Rent Drop Box Kit
    Indoor Rent Drop Box Kits
    Mounts to any wall surface!
    As low as $178.00 each
  19. Large Rent Drop Box Kit
    Large Rent Drop Box Kit
    Save over $150 with the Kit!
    As low as $345.00 each
  20. Deluxe Welcome Center
    Deluxe Welcome Center
    Your 24/7 Leasing Agent!
  21. Save BIG when you buy sign and pole together!
    Stop Sign Kit
    Control traffic!
    Only $131.00 each