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Your Dog Park Needs This...

Add some excitement to your dog park this fall with our NEW Budget Fire Hydrant! Our most popular dog park product is now available in a more budget-friendly option, with the quality you know and trust from Great American.

3 day ago

Update Your Fire Safety Plan in 3 Easy Steps

Make time during “National Fire Safety Month” to review your existing fire safety plans and make any necessary adjustments to ensure your staff’ and residents’ safety, as well as your compliance with applicable regulations.

Here are our top 3 tips to help you update your safety plans:

15 day ago

Update Your Outdoor Décor in 3 Easy Steps

A small refresh throughout your community can have a huge impact and truly WOW residents and prospects.

1 month ago

Make Your Property a Must-See with NEW Marketing Kits

Even though social distancing and providing touch-free customer service will still be top of mind, when it comes to marketing your community nothing attracts prospects like flags, signs, and balloons.

2 months ago

MUST SEE Fall Flags for Your Community

Whether your leasing office and community are open for in-person tours or you are currently offering virtual-only tours and leasing, Great American has you covered. No matter which flag you choose, your community will definitely stand out with our exclusive new fall designs and patterns.

2 months ago

Make Your Dog Park Your Biggest Asset During Leasing and Renewals

Dog parks continue to be the most sought-after amenity, and statistically residents with pets are more likely to renew their leases than those without, so keep that in mind when speaking with prospects.

2 months ago

Tips for Engaging with Prospects During Social Distance

The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the way we all conduct business, but one thing is for sure: engagement and great customer service are more important than ever. The ability to provide a great experience and establish a relationship with prospects while social distancing will leave you heads and shoulders above your competitors.

2 months ago

Update Your Pet Waste Stations with NEW Paw Pal Hand Sanitizer Kits

Has your dog park seen an increase in traffic recently? It is no surprise, as residents and their pets are clamoring to get out and enjoy the summer weather and some much-needed fresh air.

3 months ago

Show Your Residents Some Love During Social Distancing

Your residents are likely employing some creative new ideas to keep themselves entertained while isolating, so why not make their day with some fun treats they can use and enjoy during movie night, game night or just Tuesday night.

4 months ago

Increase Rental Rates With Virtual Tours

Virtual apartment tours are gaining in popularity during the current pandemic for many reasons. They provide an added layer of safety for everyone involved, and even though multifamily housing communities have been deemed as essential businesses, a lot of people do not want to leave their homes unless it's necessary.

4 months ago

Keep Residents Safe & Informed with NEW Signs & Door Hangers

During the phased reopening of your community, the safety of your residents and staff will be at the forefront of your planning. You will need to utilize all the tools at your disposal for a truly successful reopening.

5 months ago

Help Increase Resident Confidence with Touch Free Services

Now that your communities are officially reopened or preparing to reopen, make sure you take the appropriate precautions to keep your residents and staff as safe as possible during those necessary interactions.


5 months ago

4 Quick Tips to Increase Bicycle Safety

With more people enjoying public spaces and outdoor activities during social distancing it’s important to remind your residents of important bike safety measures to make their time outdoors safe and enjoyable.

6 months ago

Prepare for the Spring Leasing Season in 5 Easy Steps

Leasing season is here in full force, so take advantage of the extra foot traffic and wow your prospects with great customer service and a beautiful property. Follow these five steps to quickly convert your prospects to residents:

7 months ago

Plan Your Dog Park This Spring

Dog parks are among the top amenities that provide added convenience to your residents’ lives. They provide a safe environment where residents and their beloved pets can relax and socialize.They also make your community more attractive to potential renters.

9 months ago

Get a Jump Start on Your Spring Cleaning

Preventative maintenance is the most effective method of keeping your community in top shape and reducing the need for costly future repairs. Make a list of the areas your maintenance team will inspect every spring and what specific tasks should be performed. Here are the areas we recommend inspecting every spring.

9 months ago

Is Your Community Resolution Ready?

It’s a new year so you know what that means…your residents are making new year’s resolutions to kick those old habits.

11 months ago

How To WOW Your Residents This Holiday Season

The holiday season is quickly approaching, and with it is another opportunity to appreciate your residents and remind them why they chose your community. Wow them with seasonal treats and shower them with praise, plus here are our top suggestions for planning the perfect holiday event for your residents.

11 months ago

How To Prep Your Community for a Winter Freeze

The winter months are a time to slow down and spend more time indoors with loved ones. Prepare your community well in advance of winter weather and avoid the headache of broken pipes and drafty apartments.

Schedule the maintenance team to perform seasonal inspections and maintenance of the grounds in preparation of winter:

1 year ago

America Recycles Day

“America Recycles Day” is an ideal time to evaluate your recycling efforts and make incremental changes that can increase awareness of the importance of recycling to get your residents excited.

1 year ago

Top Fire Safety & Prevention Tips

October is observed as national fire prevention month to educate the public and raise awareness of the need for fire safety.

Regular maintenance and inspections of machinery, electrical panels, smoke detectors, and alarms can help prevent fires from starting and properly alert employees and residents of the need to evacuate if smoke or a fire is detected.

1 year ago

Resident Retention Tips

Great customer service and attention to detail will carry you a long way in retaining desirable residents. Here are our top tips to help you reduce vacancies and keep your occupancy rates high.

1 year ago

Top 4 Benefits of Smart Locks

Why smart locks? A study from Wakefield Research shows that 86% of millennial renters are willing to pay 20% more for a smart apartment. Renter preferences lean heavily toward convenience, integration, and home automation.

1 year ago

10 Safety Tips for Your Dog Park

Now that you’ve built a dog park for your residents to enjoy, consider your safety plan and overall regulations to reduce incident and liability while dogs and their families are at play.

1 year ago

How to Maintain Your Dog Park

Dog parks are a lot of fun and provide a much-needed outlet for pets to play and socialize.

Keep yours well maintained and reduce repair costs over the lifetime of the park and make residents feel safe and comfortable.

1 year ago

Recycling & Your Multifamily Community

A comprehensive recycling plan is a marketable amenity that helps you attract environmentally conscious residents, and as a property manager, you benefit from a clean, litter-free community while helping reduce landfill waste.

Read on to learn best practices for creating a recycling program for your multifamily community.

1 year ago

HOW TO: Create a Dog Park

Multifamily communities are welcoming pets with open arms and dog parks have become a popular amenity. Many families are even willing to pay higher rents if it means a welcome environment for their pets.

Here’s what you need to know before adding a dog park to your community.

1 year ago

Swimming Pool Safety Tips

Pool season is in full swing, so take these steps to keep your residents and visitors safe this summer:

1 year ago

Exceed Residents Expectations with Thoughtful Move In Gifts

A creative and thoughtful welcome gift is a great way to display that you care for your residents and want them to be comfortable in their new home. Start the relationship on the right foot by anticipating some of their early needs and providing real value. Here’s a few ideas:

1 year ago

Caring for Your Flags

Flags make a great addition to your ongoing marketing strategy and no doubt capture the attention of passersby. Follow these tips for regular maintenance and keep your flags flying high and looking great.

2 years ago

Do You Know What to Do in the Event of a Tornado?

Tornadoes are a devastating force of nature known to cause serious injury, death, and destruction of entire communities. You cannot control the weather, but as the saying goes, an ounce of preparation can save the lives of many.

Use these tips to help prepare your workplace in the event of a tornado.

2 years ago

Ignorance of Fair Housing Laws is NO Defense!

Accessibility issues account for the biggest number of Fair Housing complaints. American Baby Boomers hit Social Security age a few years ago. Many of them acquire handicapped parking documents, stickers, mirror hangers.

Read more about fair housing laws...

2 years ago

5 Steps to Prep Your Pool for Summer

Its that time of year again. The weather is getting warmer, and your residents are ready to head outdoors for some fun. That means it’s time for some regular maintenance to prepare your pool for a safe summer.

Follow these steps to create a safe pool area...

2 years ago

When Should Your American Flag Fly at Half Staff

When the nation is in a period of mourning, the American flag is lowered on its pole as a sign of respect referred to as “half-staff.”

During times when the American flag is flown at half-staff, state and local flags should follow suit until the flag is returned to full-staff. This period can last from one day for national days of remembrance, to 30 days in the event of the death of a sitting or former president.

2 years ago

Prepare Your Community for the Spring Rental Season

A great first impression can mean the difference between full occupancy and vacant units, so get a jump on your spring cleaning and set your community apart as best in class.

Follow these five spring cleaning tips to gain a leg up on the competition.

2 years ago

Promote Your Community Using Flags, Signs and Banners

Advertising with flags, signs, or banners is not exciting, but they are among the most effective and budget-friendly methods of advertising available.

Read more for ideas on advertising your property and amenities...

2 years ago

How Does Your Amenities Package Stack Up?

Modern renters are incredibly discerning, and newly developed multifamily communities are rolling out the red carpet to attract and retain renters. It may seem impossible to keep pace with newly built developments, but there are several minor improvements to make any established community feel modern.

Read more for low cost, high impact amenity upgrade ideas...

2 years ago