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Recycling & Your Multifamily Community

Recycling & Your Multifamily Community

July 16, 2019

A comprehensive recycling plan is a marketable amenity that helps you attract environmentally conscious residents, and as a property manager you benefit from a clean, litter-free community while helping reduce landfill waste.

Creating your community’s recycling plan does not have to be a daunting task; more people view environmental sustainability as a necessity and are willing to contribute in a meaningful way. Most important, you may be required by law to provide recycling bins at your multifamily community. Check your local ordinances for guidelines on your responsibilities and a list of items accepted at your local facility.

Here’s some best practice tips for creating your recycling program:

  1. Determine if your current trash collection service offers recycling pickups. If so, a discount may be available for adding the additional service.
  2. If your current collection service does not offer recycling find a low-cost option to compliment your existing waste plan or consider choosing a provider who offers both services.
  3. Schedule weekly pickups in your community.
  4. Make your tenants aware of your recycling program. Create a simple guide informing them of the new service, include the days for pickup and what items are accepted. Provide regular reminders in your community newsletter.
  5. Make sure recycling bins are properly labeled and easily accessible. Place the recycling bins next to dumpsters, and place smaller additional containers near high-traffic areas such as the mail room or fitness center where tenants drop junk mail and water bottles.
  6. Clearly label each bin so tenants know what receptacle is for landfill trash and what receptacle is for recycling.
  7. Provide small incentives to encourage recycling.

How else can you help?

Encourage tenants to give up plastic water bottles by offering complimentary reusable water bottles. You can also provide tenants with useful tips on reducing their carbon footprint by doing the following:

  1. Eliminate plastic water bottles
  2. Only run your dishwasher, washing machine, and dryer when you have full loads
  3. Use thick drapes or window shades to reduce heat in your home
  4. Reduce your overall energy consumption
  5. Use canvas tote bags for shopping and eliminate plastic bag usage
  6. Opt-out of junk mail subscriptions by contacting the Fair Trade Commission

It may seem daunting at first but providing your residents with useful information will ease them into the recycling process with confidence.