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How to Maintain Your Dog Park

Dog parks are a lot of fun and provide a much-needed outlet for pets to play and socialize.

Keep yours well maintained and reduce repair costs over the lifetime of the park and make residents feel safe and comfortable.

1 year ago

Recycling & Your Multifamily Community

A comprehensive recycling plan is a marketable amenity that helps you attract environmentally conscious residents, and as a property manager, you benefit from a clean, litter-free community while helping reduce landfill waste.

Read on to learn best practices for creating a recycling program for your multifamily community.

2 years ago

HOW TO: Create a Dog Park

Multifamily communities are welcoming pets with open arms and dog parks have become a popular amenity. Many families are even willing to pay higher rents if it means a welcome environment for their pets.

Here’s what you need to know before adding a dog park to your community.

2 years ago

Promote Your Community Using Flags, Signs and Banners

Advertising with flags, signs, or banners is not exciting, but they are among the most effective and budget-friendly methods of advertising available.

Read more for ideas on advertising your property and amenities...

2 years ago