Weighted Base for Reusable Vinyl Balloons

Great for placing reusable balloons on concrete or any hard surface!
Only $49.00 each
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  • Place Reusable Vinyl Balloons anywhere on your property!
  • Great for concrete or any other hard surface.
  • Easy installation.
Only $49.00 each

Allows you to set your Balloon Clusters anywhere on your property! Weighted Base is recommended for use with Reusable Vinyl Balloon Cluster Poles (such as Item GABB17, sold separately below).

For the best results, add sand to the base for sturdiness. Alternatively water can also be used. After adding sand to your base, simply slide the Balloon Pole into the top center hole of the base.

  • Fill base with sand.
  • Plastic
  • with your order of $350+
  • Download here
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