Air Compressor for Reusable Balloons

The quick and easy way to inflate Reusable Vinyl Balloons!
Only $72.00 each
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  • Enhance your curb appeal in minutes.
  • Quickly inflate or deflate Reusable Balloons.
Only $72.00 each

This economical and portable 120v Air Compressor makes it easy to inflate or deflate Reusable Balloons enhancing your curb appeal in minutes. Plugs into any normal outlet.

3 Easy Steps:

1. Remove white plug from Reusable Balloon.

2. Insert nozzle of Compressor into hole in Balloon.

3. Once inflated, seal in air with the white plug.

Not recommended for use with Latex Balloons.

  • Includes detachable hose with 4 nozzles.
  • Lightweight and portable for easy operation.
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