Parking Violation Stickers - Warning No Parking

Show parking violators you mean business with heavy-duty adhesive warnings
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  • Adhesive Level: Very Difficult to Remove
  • Bright fluorescent colors can't be missed - Choose from 2 colors
  • Backer keeps track of the info for your records.
As low as $0.45 each

Want to personalize?

Parking Violations are the best way to show violators that you mean business! Using Tow Warning Stickers will help to maintain your parking lot rules and keep spots available for your residents and their guests.

To use, simply peel and stick the label to the window or windshield. Once stuck onto a window, the long-lasting adhesive on the sticker will require scraping or a razor blade for removal. For a less aggressive method for an initial offense, place the warning sticker under the windshield wiper blades.

Each violation comes with its own backer where you can fill out the violator car information and save a copy for your office records. Violation Stickers come in two florescent color options as well as an english/spanish bilingual option.


  • 8" w x 5" h
  • 50 Per Pack
  • Fluorescent Sticker
  • Very Difficult to remove
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are any of the Parking Lot Violation Stickers available in packs of 25?

Answer: This all-time favorite Property Management tool for patrolling apartment community parking lots comes in packs of 50 loose violations. Another great option is the Parking Violation Book. It has the same parking violation stickers, but they are held together in a spiral bound book making it easy for the lot monitor to carry the stickers with them outside. 

What colors are available in these Car Lot Warning Stickers?

Answer: These Parking Violations are available in two super bright colors that can’t be missed - Florescent Orange and Florescent Yellow. Violators at your community parking lot will no longer be able to claim that they didn’t see your warning on their car!

Where do I place the Tow Warning Sticker?

Answer: Heavy-duty adhesive Violation Stickers stick to the outside of a vehicle window. We recommend the driver’s side window, so it will not be missed. And remember to keep the backer once you remove the warning sticker to make notes and keep for your records so that you can keep track of the parking violators and repeat offenders at your apartment community.

How can the recipient remove the residue from the Parking Violation Sticker?

Answer: These private parking lot violation notices come with a very heavy-duty adhesive to ensure the tow warning is seen so the recipient will need to put in a bit of effort to remove it (which will also help ensure they don’t park in a restricted area again!). Apply warm water, soap, and scrape it off with a snow scraper or razor blade to help remove the violation entirely. For a less permanent option, simply place the violation under the violator’s windshield wipers.

Do you offer a Custom Parking Violation option where I can add my apartment community's name?

Answer: Definitely! You can use our Custom Parking Violations to personalize your Tow Warning Stickers by adding your property information. By having your own Custom Parking Lot Warning Stickers, the recipients will know in the future that they need to follow the parking lot rules at your community!