Fluorescent Tow Warning Parking Violation Stickers

Show parking violators you mean business with heavy-duty adhesive warnings
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  • Bright fluorescent colors can't be missed.
  • Backer keeps track of the info for your records.
  • Adhesive is very difficult to remove and will have the violator's attention.
As low as $0.41 each

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Parking Violations are the best way to show violators that you mean business! Using Tow Warning Stickers will help to maintain your parking lot rules and keep spots available for your residents and their guests.

To use, simply peel and stick the label to the window or windshield. Once stuck onto a window, the long-lasting adhesive on the sticker will require scraping or a razor blade for removal. For a less aggressive method for an initial offense, place the warning sticker under the windshield wiper blades.

Each violation comes with its own backer where you can fill out the violator car information and save a copy for your office records. Violation Stickers come in two florescent color options as well as an english/spanish bilingual option.


  • 8" w x 5" h
  • 50 Per Pack
  • Fluorescent Sticker
  • Very Difficult to remove
  • with your order of $350+
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