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Property Maintenance Supplies

Everything you need to keep your property running smoothly!

Keep residents informed, stay organized and save LOADS of time completing maintenance jobs with Work Orders, Service Requests, and  Pegboard Systems.  And don't forget to include Doorhangers! They keep residents informed of when you are in an apartment - eliminating surprises.


How To Improve Maintenance At Your Property

  • Educate your office staff on how to take thorough service requests. A detailed work order form ensures maintenance staff is equipped with the tools to service the request in just one visit, and residents will appreciate how fast their maintenance requests are handled.

  • When a service member is out repairing apartments, remind them to check the air filters; it will save time later.

  • After each maintenance request, have the maintenance staff leave a door hanger or an extra service request form for more work to be done. 70% of apartments have unreported repairs that need to be handled!

  • Follow up on every service request. Insure that the property repair was handled correctly and efficiently.