Budget Wave Flag Curb Appeal Kits

Money Saving Kit will attract more potential residence!
As Low As $399.00 per Kit!
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  • Regularly $551 per Kit - SAVE 28%!
  • Improve occupancy immediately!
  • 3 Month GUARANTEE on Reusable Balloons!
  • Marketing Kits are a great value for a low cost!
As low as $399.00 per Kit!

A Budget Wave Flag Curb Appeal Kit is perfect for bringing immediate attention to your property. Stand out from the competition and direct traffic your way around the clock. This marketing kit will satisfy all of your marketing needs while being budget friendly at the same time. The vibrant colors and exclusiveness of this kit will make sure you differentiate yourself from other properties.

  • 1 Wave Flag Kit, 1 Reusable Vinyl Balloon Cluster Pole, 3 Bandit Signs and 3 Sign Stakes.
  • Download here
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