Write On Board Reusable Balloon Kits

Customize your message and draw instant attention!
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As Low As $225.00 each
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  • Change your message anytime you want!
  • Attract prospects instantly with balloon movement.
  • Perfect for now leasing or resident referral bonus. 
  • Choose from 6 balloon colors.
As low as $225.00 each

Product Description

Attract more prospects in an instant with our Write On Board Reusable Balloon Kit. We have combined our customer favorite Reusable Vinyl Balloons with our Write On Board to give you the freedom of updating your message as often as you’d like while standing out from your competition across the street. Perfect for announcing resident referral bonus, now leasing, and community pool parties! Our eye-catching rain resistant neon markers are perfect for generating excitement and are ideal for outdoor and indoor locations. Our Reusable Vinyl Balloon will draw instant attention and are guaranteed to last at least 3 months! Choose from 6 balloon colors.


Product Details

  • 24" w x 42" h
  • 24" w x 36" h
  • 17"
  • Two 36" x 24" boards, one sign frame, four neon markers, one reusable vinyl balloon with stem and clip.
Product Details

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