Why use Reusable Vinyl Balloons?

Why NOT WOW your prospects without breaking the bank?!
Reusable Vinyl Balloons are the perfect solution for every marketing opportunity, they are good for the environment and don't require costly Helium! Whether you are promoting a move-in special, trying to capture road traffic, celebrating the big game or decorating for an open house... these balloons fit the bill. Here's three major reasons you should make the switch:

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1. Excellent Marketing Value— durable, reusable and effective! 

Best-Selling Reusable Vinyl Balloons are the best outdoor marketing value anywhere— they are far less expensive and require no Helium, saving you both time AND money! With 16 colors, multiple sizes of clusters, printed options... the opportunities are endless.  

4 Balloons provide eye-catching color and movement. Guaranteed to grab drive-by attention on busy streets. Perfect solution for neighborhoods and towns that have zoning laws restricting the use of large flags or banners. 
4Adds pizazz to your outdoor events. Balloons create a fun and inviting atmosphere to celebrate a grand opening, open house, summer barbeque or holiday celebration.  
4Line your entrance and lead prospects from the street to your leasing office. Use as visual markers for your property amenitites like the pool, party room or playground.
4 Mix and match colors to enhance your marketing message. Reusable balloons are an economical way to update your curb appeal by season, or by theme. A great way to show community support by supporting local teams, change marketing colors with the changing seasons or to reinforce your brand identity and enhance your property signage.
4 Coordinate with our best-selling outdoor solutions. Printed Vinyl Balloons are designed to coordinate with our best-selling Banners, Bandit Signs, Wave Flags and Vertical Flags. Mix and match to round out your seasonal theme!

2. Environmentally friendly— no waste and NO HELIUM! 

Environmentally-friendly vinyl balloons are a good investment. They're reusable. They don't harm the environment or wildlife. Each balloon is guaranteed to last for 90 days. That's 90 days worth of latex balloons that won't end up in a landfill. In addition, their wind-generated movement doesn't require on expensive helium or electricity. That's right... NO HELIUM! These balloons inflate in seconds with regular air using an air compressor. It doesn't have to be an expensive cumbersome compressor, either... we recommend our affordable, portable and effective compressor to get the job done. 

3. Save Big— how much can I really save with Reusable Balloons? 

Let’s compare our best-selling 5-balloon cluster to a group of 8 Helium latex balloons. We find this is a good comparison based on visual impact and average use. Check out the chart (at right) to see how the savings add up. 

Here's how the math goes— On average, latex balloons will last 24 hours outside before they deflate while a balloon cluster will last 90 days with NO Helium.  A package of 72 latex balloons costs $54 resulting in each grouping of balloons costing $6. The cost of Helium varies wildly depending on demand but generally ranges from 20¢ - 55¢. For our examples we have done the math with variable Helium costs (the lowest we could find, 20¢ per balloon, and the national average, 38¢) to illustrate JUST HOW MUCH MONEY YOU WILL SAVE when you switch to Reusable Vinyl Balloons! In 90 days you can save over $600 with each Balloon Cluster!  

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