Parking Violation - "Final Warning" Fluorescent Red

The last warning for parking violators before you tow can't be missed!
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  • Very difficult to remove.
  • Bright fluorescent color can't be missed!
  • Large label makes it easy to write clearly and legible!
As low as $0.40 each

Product Description

Parking violations are the best way to show parking violators you mean business! Heavy duty adhesive makes the violation very difficult to remove.  Using parking violations will help to maintain your parking lot for your residents and their guests.  Remember not to impair the drivers' vision; the violation can't be placed on the windshield.

"It's amazing how these stickers work! I love Great American!"

Kami Shore
The Wyndham, Lubbock, TX

Product Details

  • 8" x 5"
  • Fluorescent Sticker
  • Very Difficult to remove
Product Details

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