All Dog Poop Bags Are Not Alike

All dog poop bags are not alike.

Paw Pal® Pet Waste Bags – The Cadillac of Dog Poop Bags
Got a no poop policy at your apartment complex? We've got a lot to bark about when it comes to coaxing residents to comply with that policy. In fact, Paw Pal® Pet Waste Bags (PAWBAG on header cards and PAWBAG3 on rolls) are America's #1 poop management solution for pet-friendly apartment properties.

You'll find Paw Pal® poop bags and Paw Pal® Pet Waste Stations coast to coast, north to south--including Hawaii and Alaska. Our commercial-grade products are recognized for delivering quality and performance that encourages pet-owners to pick up after their pets.

▶ 50% thicker than the competition. Our extra durable poop bags are heavier than any other on the market–a full 3.15 mils thick. For pet-owners, that means they're easier to open (they don't stick to themselves) and they won't leak or tear. For you, that means fewer complaints and cleaner public areas.

▶ One bag does the job. Not two or three. This translates into less mess for dog-owners and more savings for you. Your residents and budget will thank you.

▶ Guaranteed fail-proof. Paw Pal® poop bags are guaranteed not to tear–even when they're used on concrete sidewalks and landscaping mulch. Extra-thick Paw Pal® bags do the job no matter where they're used encouraging 100% resident cooperation with your no poop policy.

▶ Give'em the sniff (and eye) test. Thicker bags lock in odor while the thickness and dark color hide the contents. Research shows nobody wants to smell or look at dog poop. 

▶ „Make everyone happy. Paw Pal® bags spread happiness as they pickup poop. They keep landscaping and maintenance crews focused on doing their real jobs, not picking up poop. Pet-owners appreciate having free bags to use. Prospective residents are impressed by your property's pet-friendly attitude and poop-free clean grounds. Plus, you save money on labor and wasted bags. 

More Paw Pal exclusives
Paw Pal® also has Bargain Pet Waste Bags on header cards and rolls. They have the industry's lowest-price and highest bag count per header card or roll for less refilling. Or if you're looking for an eco-friendly solution, Paw Pal® has the industry's only 100% Recycled Pet Waste Bags on header cards and rolls.