How do Paw Pal Pet Waste Stations help you?

Paw Pal® Pet Waste Stations address 6 main points common to property managers–tight budgets, resident complaints and apartment vacancies. Here's how they do it. 

▶ Unconditional lifetime guaranteeYou'll never spend a penny replacing our best-selling Paw Pal® Metal Deluxe Pet Waste Station. It's backed by an exclusive no-questions-asked LIFETIME guarantee. Buy it once and you're set. It's our way of making a strong statement about the quality of our product and our commitment to customer satisfaction.

▶ More eye-catching choicesPaw Pal® offers the largest selection of designer colors, signs and fines to attract attention and encourage use of your property's pet waste stations. Greater use results in fewer complaints from residents (and visitors) who don't like stepping in dog poop. Happier residents=more referrals.

„▶ Universal fit convenience. Ok. Paw Pal® poop bags are the best on the market, but you may have some of the "other guys" you need to use up. No problem. Paw Pal® pet stations are designed to hold competitors' dog waste bags.

„▶ Larger capacity. Paw Pal® dispensers–both header card and roll–hold more poop bags than others. This reduces refill frequency, cuts labor costs, and decreases the likelihood your dispensers sit empty.

„▶ Construction countsOur pet waste stations are made with quality materials including rust-proof aluminum, weather-resistant steel and highly durable UV-protected plastic. Our proprietary header box design protects bags from rain. And our lidded trash can design help contain odor.  

„▶ Something for everyone. Affordable Paw Pal® Plastic Pet Waste Station comes with a lock and key securing the dispenser. Designed for tighter budgets and humid climates, it's backed by our unconditional 5-Year Guarantee. The Metal Starter Pet Waste Station is a great beginner station. Install it near an existing trash can, or add a Paw Pal® lidded trash can when needed. 

Pet Waste Stations have 3 jobs #1 is getting noticed. #2 is getting used. #3 is making your job easier. Paw Pal® Pet Waste Stations do them all!