Paw Pal Instructions

KPAW3 includes:

  • 1 Dispenser box (item PAWBOX)
  • 1 Sign (item PS62 or similar)
  • 1 10 Gallon Trash Receptacle (item SMRI0)
  • 1 8' Sign Post (item SP8)
  • 80 Pet Waste Bags (item PAWBAG)
  • 250 Trash Receptacle Liners (item U33)
  • 100 Pet Station Door Hangers (item 211)
  • 1 Mounting Hardware Kit (item SSH103)
  • 2 Mounting Hardware Kits (item SSH104)
  • 1 Trash Receptacle Lid and 1 Mounting Hardware Kit

To install the Paw Pal System, we recommend these 8 easy steps.

  1. Lay the sign post on the ground in the area in which the Paw Pal system will be installed.
  2. Position the bottom of the waste receptacle to the post using 2 SSH104 screws. For best results install the receptacle on the post so that the receptacle will be at least 12" off the ground.
    Attach receptacle lid on the receptacle using 2 SS104 screws.
    Place the back of the lid's mounting hanger straight up and slide it into the groove of the u-channel of the post.
  3. Attach the dispenser box to the sign post using 2 SSH104 screws just above the receptacle leaving room for the lid on the receptacle to open.
  4. Insert up to 7 header cards of PAWBAGS m the prongs inside of the dispenser box.
  5. Attach the sign with 2 SSH103 bolts.
  6. Install sign post approximately l8' into the ground. There should be about 12" from the bottom of the waste receptacle to the ground once installed.
  7. Insert one trash liner, item U33, in the trash receptacle.
  8. Distribute door hangers to your residents, alerting them to utilize your Pet Waste Station on property.

Congratulations! Your property will now be cleaner and you will save hundreds of maintenance hours every year!

Want to never run out of PAWBAGS? Sign up for our Auto Refill program and we can make sure you never run out!

Thank you for purchasing the Paw Pal System!